The team responsible for building XS CASH was comprised of some of the biggest talents in the rodding industry.

Dave & Joyce Emery
(Owners of XS CASH)
Dave and Joyce Emery are not strangers to the show car circuit, having won the coveted "Triple Crown" of awards in 1997 and 1998 with their creation "The 32 Revolver". This car was the first to win the trifecta of the ISCA Circuit ... the Ridler Award in Detroit, The Americas Most Beautiful Roadster Award in Oakland, and the Boise Roadster Show Goldmark Award under same ownership.

When Dave & Joyce decided to build another competition car, it was not done lightly. They had experienced all that would be encountered in their previous endeavor, so they knew the stress level was high, the work was hard, and the hours were endless. They also knew the great rewards of creating something of beauty and working with people in the rodding industry on such a project ... so with great ideas in their minds and determination in their hearts, they proceeded with the grand idea of "XS CASH". The name came from a personalized license plate that Dave & Joyce have had for 24 years. They decided to name the car after the license plate.
Excess Cash for the car they had dreamed of building ... perfect timing and a great name for this grand project. And so, "XS CASH" was born.
Dave is a "hands on" guy ... he was not going to be farming out this build to others ... this was his and Joyce's car and they were going to be instrumental in the planning and building. But a project like this cannot be completed without a fantastic team. Dave and Joyce know many in the rodding industry and they carefully selected the best that they knew... and the work began.

Don Pilkenton of Don's Hot Rods
Sometimes when friends get together to work on a big project, egos get in the way and feelings get hurt. That was not the case when I called a friend of 20 years, Don Pilkenton.

Don has been in business for 37 1/2 years as owner of Don's Hot Rods. Some of the most incredible cars have come out of his shop. Over the next few weeks, we spoke several times by phone about the coupe before I finally went to his shop. I showed him the pictures in the build books of the work that had already been completed. I knew where the interior was going to be built, and with that information, Don was able to put a plan together that would lead us to completion. It was then that I knew this was going to be an enjoyable build. The more time I spent working at Don's shop, I realized we had a lot in common. Some shared priorities that come to mind are our wives, families and hot rods. Thank you for the wonderful experience of working with you.
The Build Team Stars:
Dave and Joyce Emery
XS CASH Owners
Don and Kathy Pilkenton
Don's Hot Rods
Jeffrey Phipps
Custom Interiors
Phil Salisbury
Carlisle Custom Paint
Jon Wright
Custom Chrome Plating
Eric Brockmeyer
Brockmeyer Designs
Jesse Greening
Greening Auto Company
Robert Weeks
Don's Hot Rods
Jeff Kugel
Kugel Komponents
Eddie Salisbury
Carlisle Custom Paint
Jerrod Taulbee
Carlisle Custom Paint
Mike Gross
Carlisle Custom Paint
Steve Tracy
Advanced Plating
Bill Hallett
Hallett Motorsports
Tim Williams
Narrow Way Machining
Peter Duff
Duff Graphics
Jerry Elworth
Ron Respress
Flying Dog Design
Lance Haas
Inkwell Silk Screening