It all started with the Corvette hobby. First it was just fixing them up and selling them so we could find another one to repair.
Joyce and I met in June of 1971 and were married in August of 1971. After 41 years we are still best friends. We have two daughters and 3 grandchildren. I retired from General Motors in 2006 after a career working in Mockup Engineering.

In July, 1971 we bought a 1969 Corvette Convertible to go on our honeymoon and have been enjoying all types of cars ever since.

It all started with the Corvette hobby. First it was just fixing them up and selling them so we could find another one to repair.
We got serious about the Mid-Year Corvettes, mainly 1967 models, we then started to go to NCRS and Bloomington Gold shows and the building bug got a good hold of me. Restoring a 1967 Marina Blue Corvette Convertible, we reached all of our goals. Top Flight and a Gold.

Next came the muscle cars. Mainly 1969 Camaro's. I really like the idea that you could change engines and trans, go fast and no one seemed to care about the numbers matching thing.

A good friend Gary Singles took me to a NSRA show in Tampa, Florida in 1991. We drove his really cool 1941 Chevy. Big Block, Blown and a ton of fun. I called Joyce from the show and said we just bought a "black hole". I had purchased a 1934 Chevy 3 Window, full fender coupe from Outlaw Performance. I knew nothing about hot rods. This was going to be a real test. Gary helped me a lot. Made all sorts of crazy parts and the next thing I knew the car was going to Detroit Autorama for Ridler judging in 1994. It's still hard to believe but we were awarded a Great 8. A lot of friends helped me with ideas of how to build hot rods.

Did a few shows, met Bobby Alloway at his show in Tennessee. We had just won one of his top 25 awards. After the show, he let us sit in a 32 Ford roadster he had just finished. He spent time with me and told me about the Zipper body and some of the ideas he had for the roadster. So we sold the Chevy, and went shopping.
Joyce and I were at Detroit Autorama in 1995 and I told her that I would like to try again, to build a Ridler car. That's when the 32 Revolver came to life. We won that great award in 1997.

After Detroit we won America's Most Beautiful Roadster in 1998. Becoming the first owner to win both with the same car. Eric Giesert from Street Rodder told me about the "Triple Crown" that no one had managed to win. It included the Goldmark in Boise, Id. So off to Boise in March of 1998 and we won there also.

After a lot of enjoyment with the Revolver, we sold it to a collector. He has since sold it and it is now lives in a Museum in Minnesota.

In 2002 I bought a 32 Ford 3 Window coupe from Downs. Thought about just having a cool ride to enjoy. But the bug was huge! Next thing I knew we were building another contender for Detroit. Reconstructive back surgery really slowed me down. About half way thru the build, I asked for help in finishing. I had drawings from Jeff Phipps in West Palm Beach, Fl. on a killer interior. With that I contacted Don Pilkenton of Don's Hot Rods in Carlise, Ohio. He agreed to help us finish.
The next 4 years it was take the car to Florida, bring it back to Ohio for Phil Salisbury from Carlise Custom Paint to work the interior to shape. Then back to Florida. Then back to Ohio. When you have a great team everyone puts forth a great effort. Jon Wright spent 2 1/2 years of steady chroming, piece after piece.

We finished  XS CASH one week before Detroit. Won a Great 8 and had a great story to remember.

Just finished a photo shoot for Street Rodder Premium.

Thanks Joyce for giving me this great life of car building.
Couldn't have done it without you!!!